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Hello Tucson! My name is Steven Petritis and I am a fourth-year graduate student at the University of Arizona working towards a Ph.D. in chemistry. After three years of graduate school experience in an organic/inorganic chemistry laboratory, I have more recently developed a research interest in the field of chemical education. My current academic pursuits involve researching the meaningful engagement of undergraduate students in the chemistry teaching labs at the University of Arizona as well as curriculum development for the sophomore-level organic chemistry laboratory courses. After graduate school, I would like to continue to fuel my passion for education and become a professor at the college level. Ultimately, I hope to inspire the next generation of scientists and further science educational reform to focus on student-centered classrooms and collaborative learning.

When I am not busy working on my research projects and teaching chemistry lab courses, you can probably find me walking and running around the University of Arizona campus with my dogs: Ziggy and Luigi. Otherwise, I am a diehard Chicago sports fan and played Division III college baseball as an undergrad, so I always enjoy watching and reading about everything sports related!

Most importantly, I could not be happier for this opportunity to serve as a tutor with TutorYard! Throughout my four years in college I served as a teaching assistant for both organic chemistry and biochemistry classes and spent lots of time tutoring younger aspiring chemistry majors. Besides working as a teaching assistant in the organic chemistry labs every semester during graduate school, I have tutored students in both general and organic chemistry. As a result of these teaching and tutoring experiences, my passion for education has continued to grow. To me, the most important part of tutoring is being enthusiastic and helping to spur students to feel the same excitement for chemistry that I do. No matter how comfortable or scared you are, it is my goal to make learning chemistry fun because it is my belief that having fun is the best way to learn. I am very much looking forward to working with you!


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