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Master's Student in Wildlife or Fisheries Conservation

Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Statistics
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About Emily

My name is Emily Freed and I am a first year master’s student at the University of Arizona. I am in the School of Natural Resources and Environment studying Fish and Wildlife Conservation. I am focusing my thesis work on the use of ponds to familiarize high school students with endangered Sonoran Desert aquatic species and also natural resources in general. I plan to incorporate the ponds into cross-curricular lesson plans for teachers, encouraging school involvement with growth of natural resource competencies for students. I work with Arizona Game and Fish, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and my adviser, Dr. Scott Bonar. After graduation I would like to find a meaningful job that incorporates outdoor work.

I grew up in Michigan so I love swimming but I mostly enjoy being outdoors: cycling, climbing and hiking. I also have an artistic side and I enjoy knitting, sewing, drawing and crafts of all sorts. My favorite thing to do is to explore a new area with a bike or runs, trying new foods and experiencing different cultures.

I have worked with youth and adults for the past 10 years and have tutored students in Math, English and Art. I spent two years as a substitute teacher in Kalamazoo MI, two years training health workers in Madagascar, two years instructing rock climbing to all ages and a year running a homeschool climbing P.E. class, both again in Michigan. I believe there is no one right or wrong way to tutor but that the experience must be tailored to meet the individual’s learning style.


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