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PhD Student in Chemistry & Biochemistry

Algebra, Chemistry
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About Ryan

My name is Ryan Williams. I am currently a chemistry graduate student at the University of Arizona working my way towards becoming a Ph.D. candidate. My current pursuits include trying to advance two projects in my research lab to the point of publication and beginning work on my formal proposal that’ll be due near the end of the year. I’m hoping that I can enter the academic world once I finish my graduate degree; my goal is to eventually become a teacher. When I have some free time during the week, I like to spend it playing video games or listening to music at home.

I have had a lot of experience with undergraduate level organic and general chemistry courses as a teaching assistant. Experiencing these classes many times helped to cement the information for me and has drastically helped with my ability to explain the information within them. I have encountered many students who were just stumped when it came to the classes I was assisting with. Through helping them, and having to change my methods slightly for each one, I’ve eventually reached a point where I’m confident that I can explain a chemistry topic to anyone.


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