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PhD Student in Applied Mathematics

Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus, Physics
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About Brian

My name is Brian Bell, I am an Applied Math PhD student at UofA and my current focus is in developing the theoretical foundations of machine learning. I work under the Trans-disciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science grant -- the goal is to unite researchers working in data-heavy fields with mathematicians who can make their tools faster and more robust. Before coming to UofA, I worked for 5 years at a retail pricing software company as a data scientist -- my code set prices for HomeDepot, Sprouts, and other retailers. I joined the PhD program primarily to expand my foundation in the mathematical principles underlying data science and become an authority in this field. My intention is to keep my PhD work focused on developing new techniques that I can leverage in industry to get the right data to people who need it.

Living in Tucson and pursuing tough technical research topics, I've focused on hobbies that complement the high mental-load. If I'm not working you'll usually find me on the wall at a rock gym/crag or on a dance floor. Both dance and climbing have a great following in Tucson and these communities have been awesome to be part of. Dance in particular was a new hobby for me as of moving South and it's been awesome to get involved with the Lindy Hop community here.

My tutoring style is direct and to the point -- I want to help students reach the "ahhah!" moment. I use leading questions, positive attitude, and comprehension focused explanations to help support students finding their own path to solutions. As the instructor of record for Algebra and Trigonometry courses at UofA, I've gotten a lot of practice analyzing different students' learning styles and how to draw out their potential.


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