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Master of Public Administration Student

Algebra, Biology, Chemistry
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About Caroline

Hi! my name is Caroline Dudas, I am currently pursuing my Masters in Public Administration at U of A. I hope to obtain a career in government or the nonprofit sector so I can promote positive change and advocate for all individuals. When I'm not tutoring or studying, I am coaching cheerleading at a local high school and for the U of A club team. I also enjoy cycling, weight lifting, running and participating in team sports.

The majority of my tutoring experience has been at the Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center at the U of A. I have been tutoring students one-on-one at the SALT Center for over 2 years. Before that, I was a preceptor for undergraduate Chemistry. I would organize and lead exam review sessions for 100+ students at a time. I have always been intrigued about social and life sciences, which is why I earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology last year. After having experience volunteering and researching in the medical field, I found that my true passion was to advocate for efficient health and education policies. My background has led me to tutor the following subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Algebra, Statistics, Psychology and Sociology.

I am very grateful to be a tutor! I feel that my tutoring style involves a great deal of empathy and working on a peer-to-peer level. I like to remove any awkwardness between the students and myself by reminding them that I used to be in their shoes. They can be successful in their courses despite any struggles they may face! I can communicate well with your student and find which tutoring techniques work best for them. My ultimate goal is to help your student become more independent and confident in their awesome abilities.

Thank you for reading my bio, now let's get started!


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